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Name:Jaina Solo
"Rogue Eleven, check in, please."

Jaina blinked and kind of jumped in her cockpit seat when she realized the comm call was for her.
I'm in Rogue Squadron! The realization had a surreal aspect to it because, as she grew up, the part of her uncle's life that had gone before his becoming a Jedi Knight had receded into the dim past. While Luke was acknowledged as the founder of Rogue Squadron, Wedge Antilles and the other pilots in it had really defined the squadron and made it a legend.

Even though she knew she was a good pilot, she didn't think she was good enough to join the squadron, especially not at her age. Still, desperate times require desperate measures.

"Rogue Eleven, check in. If your comm unit is giving you trouble, raise a hand."

Jaina keyed her microphone. "Sorry, Nine, I'm all green here. Good to go."

"Have to be alert out there, Sticks. No spacing."

"As ordered, Nine." Jaina grinned, enjoying the fact that she'd already been given a call sign. She knew it came from the fact that her X-wing had a control stick, and she carried a lightsaber, which the pilots derided as another stick.

-New Jedi Order: Dark Tide #1, Onslaught
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